You Won’t Believe These Hilarious Golf Courses!

Are you tired of the same old golf courses? Check out our hilarious list of the top 10 golf courses you must visit. From courses shaped like dinosaurs to putting greens filled with inflatable obstacles, these courses are sure to make you laugh while you’re practicing your swing.

You Won’t Believe These Hilarious Golf Courses!


Golf, a sport known for its serene atmosphere and gentlemanly conduct, can sometimes surprise us with its unique sense of humor. While traditional golf courses offer a calming experience in picturesque environments, there are a handful of courses that will have you chuckling on every tee. In this article, we will explore some of the most baffling, hilarious, and downright unconventional golf courses that truly exist.

1. Swingers Paradise – A Golf Course for Daredevils

Swingers Paradise Golf Course

Welcome to Swingers Paradise, not the kind of paradise you might expect! This golf course takes the term “swing” quite literally. Instead of using clubs, players are bound to swing themselves across challenging obstacles like jungle pits, giant swings, and even zip-lines. It’s like golf mixed with a thrilling adventure park, providing endless laughter and the occasional scream. Fair warning: leave your fear of heights at home!

2. The Mirror Maze – A Mind-Boggling Experience

Mirror Maze Golf Course

If you think finding a golf ball in tall grass is challenging, wait till you try The Mirror Maze course. Every fairway stands surrounded by a maze of mirrors, reflecting a seemingly infinite number of your panicked expressions. Lost balls, ricocheted shots, and players bumping into their own reflections have become regular occurrences. It’s a golf experience where even golfers with the best swing end up needing a compass to find their way out!

3. Jurassic Links – Golfing with Dinosaurs

Jurassic Links Golf Course

Who said dinosaurs are extinct? At Jurassic Links, you can play golf alongside life-sized animatronic dinosaurs. Picture this: you’re lining up a birdie putt when suddenly a T-Rex roars nearby, causing your ball to miss the hole entirely. The course designers might be a bit too enthusiastic about realism, but the hilarity that ensues is worth the occasional fright. This golf course is perfect for those who enjoy a prehistoric twist along with their golf game!

4. Fake Grass Greens – A Stealthy Surprise

Fake Grass Greens Golf Course

Imagine swinging your club and watching your ball land perfectly on the green, only to discover that what you thought was grass is actually an incredibly realistic piece of artificial turf. Fake Grass Greens is known for constantly fooling golfers and turning what would have been incredible birdies into embarrassing air shots. You really can’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a green by its appearance!


Golf is undoubtedly a serious sport, but it’s refreshing to see the game being taken with a pinch of lightheartedness at these hilarious golf courses. From swinging through the air instead of using clubs to playing amidst towering dinosaurs, each experience is guaranteed to bring out laughter and joy in even the most stoic golfers. So, if you’re looking to inject some fun into your golf game, these unconventional courses are waiting to entertain you!

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