How to hold a golf club

How to hold a golf club: grip

Correct golf club grip is essential for a successful golf swing. Beginners need to know that this is one of the most important elements to learn. The best golf grip should be sure and firm, but at the same time, the player should relax so that the grip is comfortable. It should also be consistent with each hand, the right hand should grip in the same way as the left hand. The hands should be placed lightly on top of the club, with the thumbs pointing down toward the ground. Taking proper care in holding the golf club is essential in playing a proper game of golf. Want know how to hold a golf club? Read on.

How to hold a golf club - the most important rules

When it comes to the technical aspect of holding a golf club, there are several important rules to follow to get the best golf grip. The first step is to make sure the club is lying flat on the ground, with the club head pointing directly at the spot you are aiming at. Next, grasp the grip of the golf club in your dominant hand and rest it against your palm. Place your other hand around the grip so that both thumbs are pointing down toward the ground. It’s important to keep your hands aligned. Make sure they don’t overlap, as this can cause an incorrect swing path. Finally, adjust the amount of pressure on your grip until you find it comfortable. Too much pressure will cause you to lose control of the golf club during your swing. 

What is the best golf grip?

Golf club grip methods vary from player to player, but some are more popular than others. The Vardon Grip, also known as “overlapping” grip, is one of the most popular grips among professional and advanced amateurs. This grip involves placing the little finger of the lead hand on the index finger of the other hand. This grip is strong while providing plenty of wrist action and control during play. Another popular choice is the Interlocking Grip, in which the index finger and little finger of each hand interlock together to create a strong connection between the hands, which helps provide stability during rebounding. The Ten Finger Grip, which is used by professionals, is also popular. It involves evenly distributing the pressure in both hands by gripping the stick with all fingers of both hands. Ultimately, each player should try different methods and find the best golf grip for them.


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